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Teeth Whitening

Yamato Family Dental utilizes the KöR Whitening System, a scientifically designed application protocol, delivering predictably exceptional results. Widely recognized as the world’s most effective teeth whitening system, KöR offers cost-effective solutions from phenomenal home whitening for average patients, to astonishing treatment of tetracycline cases and everything in-between.

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Our process

KöR is a 2-step process. Step 1 consists of taking both upper & lower alignment impression. At this appointment, we will do an initial tooth shade match to use at the end to compare results with the final shade. You will wear the fabricated whitening trays every night while sleeping for a period of 2 weeks. Completing step 1 preps the teeth for maximum results that can be obtained during step 2. By wearing the trays for the 2 weeks as instructed, you allow the pores to open and the “smear plugs” to release, allowing the whitening gel to saturate the  teeth effectively.

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Step 2 requires you to be present in the office for three 20-minute in-office whitening treatments. This step is completed in office under doctor supervision, because of the strength differences in the whitening gel. A liquid retraction gel will be placed on the gum tissue to protect and isolate gums and teeth during treatment. From there, the in-office whitening gel will be mixed chairside and applied for 20 minutes, 3 different times until the process is completed.Once time is up, you will be given a thorough rinse of all the gel material left inside. Your final tooth shade match will be completed and compared to the “before” shade to show you the outstanding results you have achieved!

Outstanding results

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